Quality Control

Product Development

Our designer team creates more than 10 lighting designs each month. Based on your business requirements, we will develop the structure to improve lighting performance to reduce costs.

Component Fabrication

Each component is dealt with care and expertise. That’s how your lights will be manufactured.


Our assembly team consists of handy workers who pay attention to each detail.


Based on each lighting fixture, packing method varies. TOMAX have our own line to custom any type of packing you might need and pack your lights with extra attention.

Quality Control

Even the slightest error in length, bend angle or shape of one single part will affect the performance or worse the safety of lighting fixtures. TOMAX make sure that doesn’t happen by applying a standardized inspection system.

Solid Packing

Various packing materials are available to ensure our lighting arrive in perfect condition. Pearl cotton, custom EPS foam container, plywood crate, etc,, we will recommend you the best packing solution.